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yo pot... tu poti... noi poate !!!

The girl, the bag and the butt - the story of a geek

duminică, 9 noiembrie 2008

I want to share with you what happened to me last Friday... As usual, I woke up, just enough to get dressed an go to work, and was sitting in the metro, doing a little bit of people watching and thinking about the purpose of being. When I was just about to find the answer I noticed something orange - it was a laptop bag, a nice one. Black and orange, with a strap. The owner - a girl, was minding her own business. The geek in me kept staring at the bag - very nice colors, nice design, super cool neoprene laptop bag. And kept staring, and kept staring and then... the girl turned and gave me a look that could make the sun turn into a snow ball, then she turned away and that was it.
But my question was now - WHY? What did I do - then I looked at the bag again and... a little to the left and I noticed the reason - it was there - the butt. She thought I was staring at her butt!
If only she new the geek I am...
I felt so geeky then... and I still feel geeky. I should go out more. I should stop writing this post and go have a drink with my friends! 
I'm gone already... after I finish this, and check my Tweeter account... and my e-mail...
Can it get  worse then this?


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