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Weapon of mass Tweetstruction

miercuri, 29 octombrie 2008

Old news, but hey - facts are never old ;).
You all by know probably heard about the warning the US army made concerning how Twitter can be used by terrorists to communicate and spread their ideology. But I'm just wandering, are these people serious?

The guys at Joy of Tech really managed to give this the right spin, from my point of view.

Ok, you have the bad guys talking to each other and plotting using social apps. I can agree with this, especially given yesterday's news about theĀ skinhead assassination plot on Obama and the fact that one of the guys was "smart" enough to put his picture with a very big gun on MySpace.

But I see one problem in this whole ordeal. People, you already scan e-mails, listen to cellphones, landlilnes and the whole deal... how difficult is it to google some specific keywords. It's a little hard to hide an assasination plot on MySpace / Twitter / whatever. The US army should think about encouraging everybody to use Twitter to coordonate on deploing their weapons of mass distruction, it will just make their lives as easy as googling "how I plan to blow up the world"...

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