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Rain and Sleep and what pigeons have to do whit it

luni, 8 decembrie 2008

Early one morning (this morning, to be exact) I woke up and wondered where can I find a gun, to shoot myself and spare me the trouble of getting out of bed. Rainy days have, sometimes, this effect on most of us, and this one had the effect of anti-coffee on me. But after a brief rethinking of the situation (10 minutes or so), decided to get out of bed. And away I went to work.

But while going down the stairs, there was a feeling that something was missing, a familiar noise, a presence... and then it dawned on me - it's raining - but where are the pigeons?
Oh, those pigeons. Cute little fluffy things, that poop all over the place and especially on freshly washed cars. You can set your watch by them. Every day, at the same hour, these descendants of T-Rex shit joyfully, waiting on one of my neighbors to feed them. Staring through the dirty glass, with their creepy eyes. But not today.

Cause today it's raining (men). Today, the pigeons don't want to get wet and die of pigeon pneumonia. So these little, cold feet creatures skip their beloved morning snack.
And that's why we are sleepy when it rains!

If you mist the incredible logic of the story above, here it goes again. When it rains - you get wet, when you get wet - you can get pneumonia and die in a pool of your own body fluids.
So why go out and die when you can sit in your cave an wait for the rain to stop?
But if you sit, you'd better use as little energy as possible, cause you ain't eating.
Therefore, this is why I think most mammals are sleepy when it rains. To conserve energy.
I wonder who's smarter, the damn pigeons, or me?

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posted by Liviu


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