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yo pot... tu poti... noi poate !!!

Are you full?

marți, 9 decembrie 2008

Just finished reading Seth's latest blog post "Warning: The internet is almost full". He makes a good point - technology may keep up with the exponential increase in content, especially big bandwidth consumers like videos, but can we keep up? Sometimes I do feel full. Just finished scanning through 400 feeds that accumulated in the last 8 hours Google Reader was untouched. Any of us reads more in a single day then most people would read in a year, not so long ago.
The weakest link in this data increase thing is us. We will crack down if we don't find a smarter way to filter information and read /watch / listen to stuff. This is why companies like UberVU have most chances to be the next Facebook + Google Reader + Wiki combined thingy.

I'm full for today! Too bad there is no information toilet where you can take an info shit.


posted by Liviu


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